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Hey everyone! Here’s a new level.  It’s got terrain sections separated by indoor base sections.  I’ve been using it for everything lately. Here are some changes I made today.  I’ll probably work on the game later tonight but I have some stuff to do first.  Anyways, this is what I did this morning and afternoon: […]

I fixed a problem where some of the textures weren’t showing up very much on the map, so there’s more variation now.  Before, you would have entire mountains with the same texture… now most mountains have 2 or 3. The next step is to work on making paths.  The map I’ve been working on looks […]

Hey all! Here are some pretty pictures!  I started this level yesterday, and it needs work, but it’s a good way to show my new terrain techniques.  I’m trying to automate as much as possible. After I finalize the process, I’ll make a more detailed post showing what I’m doing. There are two different specular […]

I just thought this was cool: Textures      732.0 mb     55.6% Meshes        22.5 mb     1.7% Animations    27.2 mb     2.1% Sounds        523.3 mb     39.8% Shaders       2.5 mb     0.2% Other Assets  1.9 mb     0.1% Levels        854.9 kb     0.1% Scripts       836.3 kb     0.1% Included DLLs 4.1 mb     0.3% File headers  […]