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Hey all! So this is a huge update! Terra Melior has been completely revamped into two games!! SWORD IOWNIT – a boss-only challenge game for Dark Souls fans. It’s about conquering boss battles that represent different fears and anxieties. Releasing Summer 2017. Here’s the website! THE FIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS – a shorter, goofier game to […]

Thanks to some great advice from many people, I’ve made the trailer shorter, and more action packed.  I also made the graphics and animations better. Now it’s time to write reviewers/press and get to work on the Kickstarter demo!



Hey all! I finally finished the new trailer!! After doing the recording for the trailer, I started work on an old favorite boss – GARY the Ice Golem. It’s funny how amazing I thought his animations were.  So now I’m going through each one and adding weight to them.  I’ll also update the model. I […]

As you can see, it’s a very different game now.  Everything’s more immediate, and feels SO much smoother to play.  Lots of things are disabled (procedural animation, guns, magic…), but I’m adding them in one at a time and making sure they fit with the new combat. I also made some more custom shaders for […]



Hey all! I’ve been very busy with other stuff, but I’m still working on the game when I have time.  Here are some of the changes: I upgraded to Unity5! I made a new PBR shader for the mountains.  It adds snow and ice automatically, and used modified Triplanar texturing for the rocks.  The basic […]



Hey all! Good news. Mammoths. Here’s a video: I finally figured out how to add colliders to their legs and tusks that also push the player away. So the player can finally run underneath bosses! It’s a little jerky right now though. The green areas are the rigidbody colliders. They have to be very tall […]

I’ve been working on some shaders that add snow automatically.  At first it was for background buildings in the distance, but I improved their quality so they could be used for spaceports such as this one: (Click images for a closer look)     Yes, it’s snowing in space 😀 In the picture below, you can […]