Hey all!

So this is a huge update! Terra Melior has been completely revamped into two games!!

SWORD IOWNIT – a boss-only challenge game for Dark Souls fans. It’s about conquering boss battles that represent different fears and anxieties.

Releasing Summer 2017.

Here’s the website!

THE FIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS – a shorter, goofier game to test out the Sword Iownit gameplay.


And here’s the link to that! It’s in open beta, so make sure to sign up using the email form if you want to try it out!!


Thank you all so much for the support and feedback through the years!! It was a huge learning process for me, and a great experience.

I hope to make these new games worth all the time everyone spent waiting for Terra Melior to come out.



Thanks to some great advice from many people, I’ve made the trailer shorter, and more action packed.  I also made the graphics and animations better.

Now it’s time to write reviewers/press and get to work on the Kickstarter demo!



Hey all!

I finally finished the new trailer!!

After doing the recording for the trailer, I started work on an old favorite boss – GARY the Ice Golem.


It’s funny how amazing I thought his animations were.  So now I’m going through each one and adding weight to them.  I’ll also update the model.

I also figured since he’s got the whole “ninja tank” thing going, he’d be the perfect candidate to create the AutoDodge system for.  Basically, any enemy that has it enabled can make logical guesses when to dodge, and choose a semi-random direction (as long as it’s to the side or backwards) to dodge.

This allows for more interesting gameplay, as enemies won’t always charge directly at you.

I got about half of this to work today.  It doesn’t combo yet though.  Also, I made a combo system.

The combos break up the gameplay nicely.  They make the game harder because enemies can follow up and hit you when you’re trying to counterattack, and easier because sometimes they string a few extra moves on after you’ve already dodged away.  That part actually looks really cool, and makes the enemies seem more impulsive and enraged, rather than cold and calculated.

Along with the horde behavior, this should make the enemies more interesting, and more challenging.

Anyways, that’s it for now.  Thanks for checking it out!

As you can see, it’s a very different game now.  Everything’s more immediate, and feels SO much smoother to play.  Lots of things are disabled (procedural animation, guns, magic…), but I’m adding them in one at a time and making sure they fit with the new combat.

I also made some more custom shaders for the environments.  Trying to really emphasize the old school sci fi theme with lots of bold color variation, and tinted shadows.

Also, regular enemy AI and boss AI have been merged.  The “control” parts are separate (regular enemies use FSM, bosses each have custom control AI), but the movement and actions are handled the same.  So now, when I add a feature, it automatically works for both.  It took forever to merge them, but I think it will be worth it.

Thanks for checking it out!



Hey all!

I’ve been very busy with other stuff, but I’m still working on the game when I have time.  Here are some of the changes:

  • I upgraded to Unity5!
  • I made a new PBR shader for the mountains.  It adds snow and ice automatically, and used modified Triplanar texturing for the rocks.  The basic idea is that I can make whatever mountains and cliffs I want, and it’ll texture it automatically.
  • I’m rearranging the world, and making it more concise.  Areas are smaller, but more striking and unique.
  • I have a TON of combat changes, but I’m still implementing them, and need to experiment.  A big part is tightening up the animations, and speeding up the overall combat.

The basic idea is that I want the entire game to be more definitive.  The areas should all have their own unique feel and look, and the combat should be a frantic nightmare requiring both reflexes and fast tactical decisions.

I’m adding more contrast in the gameplay.  The animations were too… blah.  If you needed to dodge after an action (almost always!), EVERY action felt sluggish transitioning to a dodge.  The animations blended well, so it looked good, but it was frustrating to play.  Even playing in slow motion, I took plenty of hits I didn’t deserve, and it felt like my reaction time was completely going to waste.

To fix this, I’m making the player’s combat options more of a decision, rather than everything being a bit unresponsive.  Powerful moves should require more commitment (ie. you REALLY don’t want to do them if you’re about to be hit), and regular moves much easier to fit in between enemy attacks (provided you have the reaction time to dodge your way out!)

I’m also having a hard time letting the player hit enemies with melee attacks.  If the melee attacks don’t move her forward fast enough, she can’t close in on enemies well.  When they DO move her, she slides past them on her 2nd swing and misses.  I can’t fix the sliding as it’s part of how the physics work, but I’m thinking of slowing her down while attacking if there’s an enemy ahead of her.  It’ll take a lot of experimentation to get it to feel right.



Hey all!

Good news. Mammoths.


Here’s a video:

I finally figured out how to add colliders to their legs and tusks that also push the player away. So the player can finally run underneath bosses! It’s a little jerky right now though.

The green areas are the rigidbody colliders. They have to be very tall so the player won’t go on top of them:

Screen shot 2015-01-19 at 9.28.39 PM

They also have an attack where they bodyslam onto the ground and then shoot lasers out of their eyes.

Screen shot 2015-01-19 at 9.30.19 PM

I also added “poof” effects. Like when a boss does a big attack that stirs up snow and… poof.

Screen shot 2015-01-19 at 9.29.30 PM

I made a single particle emitter that the game manager controls. Monsters can request a “poof”, and submit a hitbox. The game manager moves the particle emitter through the hitbox and emits particles.

Particle emitters can do this automatically, but I can’t control their size/shape via script. This way, I can make any box-shaped collision I want, rather than making 50 different collision particle emitters and updating them all manually when I make a change. It also lets me handle all the “poof”s in one emitter, speeding the game up, and providing an easy way to limit the total particle number.

I’ll probably do the same for other effects like blood when I start optimizing. Poof.

Here’s another pic of the area I’ve been testing in:


Thanks for stopping by!

I’ve been working on some shaders that add snow automatically.  At first it was for background buildings in the distance, but I improved their quality so they could be used for spaceports such as this one:

(Click images for a closer look)

Port1    Port3

Yes, it’s snowing in space 😀

In the picture below, you can see how the snow collects based on the normal map as well.  I have it calculate the first normal map, then the snow depth, and then I calculate a new normal map that uses the snow bump texture.


One problem is that the player isn’t lit as much as the background objects.  I think I have to go into the shaders again to fix this.