More work on terrain, and on snow depth maps


A lonely penguin searches for his family:

testscreen-03_07_2014 _ 11_23_37

Here’s what it should look like once we have Unity PRO.

testscreen-03_07_2014 _ 11_23_37 _ edited simulate UnityPRO

An unfriendly sunset, with snow churned up from the player trudging through it.

testscreen-03_06_2014 _ 07_20_39

Snow “gibbits” being churned up.  There are 5 different types of gibbits, and they are created when monsters walk through snow too.

testscreen-02_24_2014 _ 02_57_13

Carnage from a battle.

testscreen-02_24_2014 _ 02_56_37

This armor set needs a LOT of work.  I was just messing around with fantasy styles for some hidden armor sets.

testscreen-02_24_2014 _ 02_57_06

Overall, I’ve done a lot of work on the terrain, both making it look better, and making it easier for me to generate.  The snow depth maps had some errors, but they’re fixed now, and I added some features to the terrain generator to save me time when I make new levels.


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